Have a special rock that you would like to have:

  • cut into slabs
  • made into something special, i.e. bookends, cabochon/s, pendant, or ring, to name a few
  • face polished
  • a geode cut in half

Well, bring your rock in and let us have a look at it. If it is a good candidate for what you have in mind, we would be happy to cut/polish it for you. You may also ship your rough rock/geode/cabochon to us. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you a quote on what your estimated costs will be.

Geode Rock Cutting Prices

3″ and under  – $3

4″ – 5″   – $1 per inch

over 5″  – $2 per inch

Face Polishing Prices

4″ and under  – $15

over 4″ – $25/hr

Cabochon Cutting

Price varies greatly due to hardness of the stone and size/shape of cabochon requested.

Custom Wire wrapping & Wire weaving

Price varies greatly due to type of technique, intricacy and type of jewelry requested.


Request a Quote

Service Interested in
Size of piece to be cut or wrapped
Please measure your rock/slab at its average length, width, and height to give us an idea of it size. If it's a geode, please measure its diameter.
Additional Information ?
Please give us any more info that will help us give you an accurate quote. For example: shape of cabochon, type of rock (agate, jasper, opal, jade, turquoise, chrysoprase, etc)